Upcoming dates for tour

Check here for updated info on upcoming tour dates and locations. See info on our last tour at this link.

March 20, Wooden Shoe Books, Philadelphia, PA

March 21, Georgetown, Washington, DC

March 22, Washington, DC

March 23, Baltimore, MD

March 24, A Space, Philadelphia, PA

March 25, New Hope, PA

March 26, NYC

March 27, Hampshire College

March 29, Boston, MA

March 31, Brattleboro, VT

April 2, Hudson Valley, NY

April 4, Rochester, NY

April 5, Buffalo, NY

Previous Events:

November 16, NYC, Featuring Suheir Hammad, Victoria Law, and Melissa Gira Grant.

November 17, NYC, Featuring Mahina Movement, Lamis Deek and Amin Husain.

November 21, 6pm, Ace Hotel, New Orleans, Featuring Sunni Patterson.

December 3, near Nashville, Tennessee, Featuring Starhawk.

December 4, Asheville, NC, Featuring The Steady Collective.

December 5, Chapel Hill, NC

December 5, Durham, NC, Featuring Alexis Pauline Gumbs.

December 6, Savannah, GA

December 7, Greensboro, NC

December 8, Atlanta, GA

December 9, Pensacola, FL

December 10, New Orleans, LA, Featuring Michael Quess Moore, Alfred Marshall, Derek Roguski, and Jonshell Johnson.

January 14, Tuscon, AZ, Featuring Garnette Cadogan and Yanara Friedland.

January 15, Phoenix, AZ

January 16, San Diego, CA

January 17, 4:00pm, Haines Hall 153, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA.

January 18, Los Angeles, CA

January 19, Oakland, CA, with Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz.

January 23, Flagstaff, AZ

January 25, Seattle, WA, Featuring Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha.

January 26, Portland, OR

January 27, Olympia, WA, Featuring Emi Koyama.

January 28, Vancouver, BC

January 31, Denver, CO

March 3, Central New Mexico Community College, Albuquerque

March 4, Bookworks, Albuquerque

March 5, Santa Fe, NM

March 6, Austin, TX

March 7, San Antonio, TX

March 13, Tulane University, New Orleans

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